KARMA / cave

Interactive, Stereoscopic Virtual Reality Environment, Stereo Sound.

A spectator can walk around in the virtual expanse, merely studying the unfolding scenes, or take an active approach by grabbing and / or throwing the virtual characters.

The stereoscopic 3D impression instills a sense of being with the virtual protagonists. While the state of the characters is dark if not grim, towards the end of the piece they exude a sense of comfort in weightlessness.
Karma is incidentally the name of the physics simulator used in the game engine (appropriated for the production) to create a realistic sense of real world gravity and kinetic forces.

Developed for the "Cave" @ Ars Electronica Center, Linz, Austria.

KARMA / cave - Production Credits:
- Commissioned by ARS ELECTRONICA Festival Linz
- Unreal engine programming and Mise-en-Scène Friedrich Kirschner
- 3D character design Supervisor Claudia Hart
- 3D Character Designer Josh Bapst, Richard le Bihan
- Thanks to: Claudia Hart, Friedrich Kirschner, Ballet Preljocaj - Karma evolved out of my contribution to “N”, a contemporary ballet, Lotte Hentschlaeger, Ursula Hentschlaeger, Zelko Wiener, Richard Castelli, Florence Berthaud, Sarah Ford, Carl Goodman, Gerfried Stocker, Horst Hoertner, Michael de la Pena, MEDA™ - Neuer Sinn Neue Kraft.

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