HIVE (2011)

Generative Audiovisual Installation, Stereoscopic Video Projection, 4.1 Sound.

HIVE puts the visitor next to a swirling mass of amorphous human figures, appearing as an interconnected meta-body or hive more than as individual beings.

HIVE's choreographed motion-, light- and sonic patterns create an immersive, highly dynamic figurative landscape, a pulsing audiovisual matter, without a beginning or end.

Moment by moment computer generated, HIVE takes on the notion of being alive and presents an artificial organism in eternal motion and interplay.

The stereoscopic nature of the projection introduces a whimsical, ethereal quality, rendering a delicate, yet forceful spatial expanse right in front of the audience.

The sound in HIVE is created by the events present - including swarm motion and behavior as well as changes in light and color. All visual appearances render a sonic expression. As the choreography of the work passes through different phases, so does the sound change its character over time.

HIVE is part of Kurt Hentschläger's "re-animated" body of work, including CORE (2012), CLUSTER (2009-2012), and MATTER (2012).

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