SOL (2017)

Audiovisual Environment, LED Wall Display, Surround Sound, 2017

SOL is a minimalistic environment rooted in darkness. The installation builds on loss of control, shifts in awareness and a feeling of dislocation and timelessness.

SOL is part of a series of phenomenological environments, together with EKO, 2019-22, SUB, 2019, ZEE, 2008 and FEED, 2005.

The all encompassing darkness of SOL is lifted, in intervals and for parts of seconds only, by animated bursts of abstract forms displayed out of nowhere. Falling back into darkness, visitors experience abundant retinal after-images, that gradually drift away until eventually the next eruption of light triggers.

In the surround sound-scape of SOL, electronic drones mix with swarming field recordings, amidst a sea of infra-bass.

Due to the phenomenological nature of the work, video documentation is not available. Available photos depict 1⁄3 sec moments of light, before retinal after images, which, as said, can’t be documented.

SOL – Production Credits:
© Kurt Hentschläger 2016-17
Co-commissioned by: OK - Center for Contemporary Art, Linz, Austria.
CTM Festival Berlin.
Curator: Isabelle Meiffert Management: Richard Castelli / Epidemic Production Assistance Chicago: Pablo Monterrubio Benet, Yan Zhou
Technical Supervisor Touring: Alexander Boehmler
Thanks to: Martin Sturm, Genoveva Ruckert, Oliver Bauherrn, Remco Schuurbiers, Detlev Pusch, Claire Dugot, Chara Skiadelli, Florence Berthaud.

+The Splendid Phenomenology of Hentschlägerian Voids
G. Roger Denson

Photos #1,2,3,5,6 © Timo Ohler
Photos #4,7 © Kurt Hentschläger

© Kurt Hentschläger 2022