Site-specific Video Installation, Los Angeles LAX airport, 2010-2018

A camera precisely yet magically pans 360 degrees around a grassy marsh and pond in New York harbor, revealing both close up and more distant view. Through repeated layering and compositing of the original video material a general visual impression forms of the slowly blurring of both time and space.

The work at LAX unfolds along a meandering string of 29 video screens hanging above the waiting area of the arrival hall. Two full panoramic views of the marsh site are visible at any given moment across the screens, with the increased blurring of the temporal element moving from the right to the left. The panoramas, while visually matched from screen to screen, time-wise are nevertheless an illusion, constructed on the editing table. Each screen, moving from left to right, shows an earlier point in time made by a single camera, sweeping 360 degrees on a tripod with but a single rotating head.

VIEW is part of "See Change," featuring 17 original, site-specific artworks, located in the lower-level arrivals hall of the Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles LAX airport, accessible to the public.

Thanks to curator Anne Bray and all fellow artists participating in the project.

© Kurt Hentschläger 2022