FEED (2005)

Audiovisual Performance, Unreal Bodies, Fog, Stroboscopes & Pulse Lights, Surround Sound. 

A creation for the Theater Biennial Venice.FEED is an immersive performance in two parts that stresses the limits of perception. The first half is staged in a classical frontal way with a single, larger than life, projection of figures moving in a synchronized choreography, floating and convulsing in a world without gravity. Their movements generate sounds, creating a symphonic drone.

The second part is a composition for artificial fog, stroboscopic and pulse light, the combination inducing a complete loss of spatial orientation, without depth of field. A matching sound-scape infused by feedback and intense sub-low bass augments this sensation, generating an intense physical experience.

+Playing With Your Senses
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+FEED DeTelegraaf dutch
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Photos © Kurt Hentschläger

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