CORE (2012)

Audio-visual Installation 5 Video Projections, each with 5-channel Sound.

CORE is an expansive installation for five independent, interlinked projections of 3D-animated humanoid bodies, each populating an artificial void space. Without ever tiring the discrete groups of bodies spread and gather, in eternal commotion. Each body manifests a discrete sound voice, all of which together create the drone-like sound-scape of the work.

While CORE is foremost an audiovisual composition, following a dramaturgical arc over time, detailed body movements are created generatively, based on a computer process mimicking worldly laws of physics. Within set limits, unpredictable behavior informs body motion and sound, thus the work feels organic and "alive", along a recognizable structure but never quite repeating, without obvious beginning or end.

CORE was commissioned as part of the London 2012 Festival / the Cultural Program of the London, UK Summer Olympics 2012, for a historic machine hall in Ironbridge, credited with being the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution.

CORE is part of Kurt Hentschläger's "re-animated" body of work, including CLUSTER (2009-2012), HIVE (2011) and MATTER (2012).

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