NO EXIT OASIS ( 2020-21)

a VR (Mozilla) Hub / Web-based Audiovisual Environment.

No Exit Oasis is an online, audiovisual VR environment, suggesting an open landscape within a black surrounding void. In this flooded sculpture garden, at architectural scale, online visitors are free to explore by flying around. Users can also pass through objects, discovering hidden quasi-indoor spaces.

Moving though the environment, sound changes and discrete sonic fields drift in and out of audible range. Visitors charting their individual paths through this park experience a personal soundtrack, ranging from ambient to rhythmic, both when in motion or not.  
The work is partially a reflection on the period of personal confinement during the 2020/21 pandemic. As such, No Exit Oasis acts as both a space for escape as well as mirroring a shrunken world, in which movement and tangible human exchange turned virtual.

Best using a VR headsets but works also on desktop display.

“Fly-mode” is active upon entering - Sound is changing throughout the space, so keep exploring, the space is quite vast - Use shift key in combination with W, A, D, S navigation keys  to accelerate your avatar’s speed - Q & R keys rotate your avatar’s view field left and right - Use tilde key to hide bottom menu bar.

!!! Sound playback works on Firefox or Google Chrome browsers only. Safari and Opera browsers are not supported (sound won’t work) !!!


Screenshots © Kurt Hentschläger

© Kurt Hentschläger 2022