EKO (2019-2022)

Audiovisual Performance. LED Wall Display, Surround Sound.

EKO is the third composition in an ongoing body of work staged in the dark. Earlier works in the series are the installations SOL, 2017 and SUB, 2019.

EKO is performed live in the splendid void of pitch-darkness. Erasing the audience’s perceptual boundaries, the absence of light is interrupted for only fractions of seconds with bursts of micro-animated abstract forms. Returning again to darkness, retinal afterimage impressions unravel within each viewer’s eyes, slowly diminishing and dissolving into black until the eventual next eruption of light.

EKO starts in ~15minutes of complete blackout, amidst an abstract surround sound-scape, like a slowly gyrating maelstrom. Once light events disrupt the dark, the work’s sound-scape attunes to the fragile nature of the ghostly retinal afterimages. The rather ambient sound delicately diffuses through the space with distinctive volume peaks and infra bass density.

EKO is ~38 minutes long.

Production Credits:
© Kurt Hentschläger, 2019-22
- Original production residency 2019 courtesy of EMPAC/ Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the Jaffe Fund for Experimental Media and Performing Arts
- Technical Supervisor Touring: Ing. Alexander Boehmler
- Management: Richard Castelli / Epidemic
- Thanks to: Johannes Goebel, Richard Castelli, Chara Skiadelli, Florence Berthaud, Pierre Laly, Claudia Hart, and everybody at Empac.

EKO at The Theatre, Royal Plymouth

Photos © Kurt Hentschläger

© Kurt Hentschläger 2022