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Featuring Performer Akemi Takeya

Single-channel Video, Stereo Sound

SWEETHEART was commissioned for the visionary exhibition series MEDIEN APPARATE KUNST, curated by Birgit Flos in Vienna.

Performer for the initial recording for camera was again Akemi Takeya.

Created as a series of short audiovisual weird clips to appear throughout the program of ORF - the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation - the work was eventually broadcast in “Kunststuecke”, a program dedicated to art and culture within ORF.

The ambitious original concept of having SWEETHEART pop up throughout the entire daily program, as surprising and bewilderig media fragments, was, after numerous promising meetings, rejected by the internal ORF rating department as way out of context and ill befitting for a general and likely disturbed television audience. All in all quite a Kafka experience and sociologically rewarding, even though it failed to fulfill its destiny. Thanks really to Birgit Flos who wholeheartedly pursued with us a possibly impossible project.

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