Single Channel Video, Stereo Sound.

Exit Oasis Unease is a work from the first year of the pandemic of 2020. It takes stock of the sudden, radical changes in day to day life, the conflicting emotions, the sense of wonder in coming to a stop and then becoming still and focused on the private now.     

“The hell, seriously, no.
Quit alright. Steady, static, taste of time travel.
Long here, longer now, ugh, extra long.
Continuity boot camp, rat race offline, cloud society; here, here still, still here, oh my.
Also: Re-set, re-sense, re-calibrate. Re-assess. Re-it all.
Affordable, sustainable, bearable - not.
So drama. So unknown. So else.
Rebrand suspension.
Paradigm now.
Yes/No exit oasis unease.
Lagune fronts abyss, calm before storm, self oscillator.
Well. So. Ok. Then. Feel.
Biedermeier 2.0 is a go.
BLM. Stand by.”

Videostills © Kurt Hentschläger

Installation option, across 3 discrete screens.
© Kurt Hentschläger 2022