ZEE (2008)

Immersive Audiovisual Environment.
Artificial Fog, Stroboscopes, Pulse Lights, Surround Sound.

ZEE proposes a state of tabula rasa and unfolds without a narrative or reproducible imagery.

The audience moves freely in a space filled with extremely dense fog that fully obscures all of its boundaries. Stroboscopic- and pulse lights illuminate the fog, in a softened, evenly dispersed manner, creating an impression of kaleidoscopic three-dimensional structures in constant flux. An ambient and minimal sound-scape connects to the imagery, without directly synchronizing to it.

The core visual impression of ZEE is of a psychedelic architecture of pure light, an abstract luminescent landscape enveloping the visitor. Time appears to stand still.

ZEE – Production Credits
© Kurt Hentschläger 2008-2017
Co-commissioned by: OK - Center for Contemporary Art, Linz & WoodStreet Galleries, Pittsburgh
Management – Richard Castelli / Epidemic
Supported by: BMUKK - Austrian Ministry for Education, Art & Culture
Production Assistance – Shane Mecklenburger
Technical Assistance Touring – Alexander Boehmler; Ian Brill, Yan Zhou
Thanks to Claudia Hart, Alexander Boehmler, Ray Harmon, Lotte Hentschläger, Murray Horne, Martin Sturm, Norbert Schweizer, Claire Dugot, Chara Skiadelli, Florence Berthaud, Christian Rossel, Piama Habibullah, Wayne Ashley.
Dedicated to the memory of my friend and brother in law Zelko Wiener, 1953-2006

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Photos #1,3 © Bruno Klomfar
Photo #2 © Otto Saxinger
Photo #4 © Kurt Hentschläger

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