Immersive Audiovisual Environment LED Wall Display, Surround Sound, 2017

SOL is a minimalistic environment, leading visitors into the reaches of their perception. The installation builds on loss of control, shifts in awareness and a feeling of dislocation and timelessness.

SOL is the third work in an ongoing series of phenomenological environments, after the live performance FEED, 2005 and the installation ZEE, 2008.

The all encompassing darkness of SOL is lifted, in intervals and for parts of seconds only, by animated bursts of intensely bright light. Falling back into darkness, visitors experience abundant retinal after-images, that gradually drift away until eventually the next eruption of light is triggered.

In the surround sound-scape of SOL, electronic drones mix with swarming field recordings, amidst a sea of infra-bass.

   +The Splendid Phenomenology of Hentschlägerian Voids, by Roger Denson

   +SOL text
   +SOL Production Credits

© Kurt Hentschläger 2017

© Photos Timo Ohler

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